My Colleague and I were so impressed with the tour you put together for us.   I could not have been more pleased with the quality of the hotels and restaurants.  Everything ran smoothly!  Our tour director, Jenny,  was delightful and very helpful.  I was highly impressed with the bus companies.  The drivers were exceptional.  Thank you for such a wonderful experience.  Whitney and I will be traveling with you again.

AC_ Vienna, Virginia

I had used other companies for 5 tours. They can be okay if you have a large group of 40 or more. That way you get to "control" the tour. With my smaller groups, I was at the mercy of the other larger groups. Plus EF tends to book hotels that are far away from the cities you want to visit. EF also has one meal choice for everyone for dinner. Although I thought the meals were fine, the kids hated the fact that they couldn't choose.
I have switched to a much smaller, much more personable company: A La Carte Travel. I have taken 8 tours with A La Carte and have never been disappointed. As a small company, they really want your business and so will service your every need. Best of all, I now get to design the tours the way I want to. No more being at the mercy of other groups. No more one-size-fits-all meals. No more hotels far from the action. I am completely pleased. I would give Rene Piard a call.

MM - Colorado Springs

At our school, we have been working with ALCT for several years with the utmost satisfaction. Rene Piard has always been willing to create trips according to our imagination. He goes the extra mile to propose exciting immersion activities for our students: horseback riding, kayaking, hayrides on a farm, staying at an international student hostel, as well as discovering excellent and varied restaurants for our meals. ALCT handles all billing to parents, travel insurance and transportation with excellence. It is with no hesitation, whatsoever, that I recommend ALCT to you!

MD - Maryland

Last summer, while I was in France with 24 students, Air France was planning a strike.  As soon as the dates of the strike were made public, René called me and reassured me that he would be monitoring the situation carefully.  He was true to his word.  With no discussion, Air France rerouted our group for 2 days after our original flight date and with 2 stops - a clearly unacceptable option.  René stayed in constant contact with me, telling me all the option they were looking into and soliciting my input.  In the end, we were able to return home one day late, on our original flights.  Though the end result was not ideal, I do know that it was much better because the A La Carte team was so resourceful and tenacious.


DM - Palo Alto

A La Carte is the perfect name for your company because you offer so many choices, and I get to play a very active role in the design of our annual trips. You listen to my ideas and wishes attentively, and you also suggest wonderful possibilities that I never could have imagined - activities and locations that are far out of the realm of typical student travel. You are passionate about what you do, and you treat each trip as a very exciting and special project. We have a blast brainstorming together to create a trip that delights my students and teaches them so much. I am so happy to travel with A la Carte each year! Thank you for all you do for me and my students.

CS - Orange County