Riverdale High School



June 2nd-June 16th, 2021


Detailed itinerary

Day 1: Wednesday, June 2nd, 2021- Depart

Take an overnight flight from Nashville to Paris, France.


Day 2: Thursday, June 3rd, 2021- Paris

Arrive in Paris and and meet your English-speaking tour escort. Take a private coach bus from the airport to the airport. After checking-in to the hotel, start exploring Paris like the natives- on foot and by metro! Metro to Ile de la Cite and see the Notre Dame. Walk across the Pont des Arts to visit the Louvre and the Pyramids. Metro to the Champs Elysées and walk up the avenue to see the Arc de Triomphe. Enjoy a crepe dinner before spending overnight in Paris.


Day 3: Friday, June 4th, 2021- Paris-Lille- Homestay

Eat breakfast at the hotel, then metro to the eclectic Montmartre neighborhood. Visit the beautiful Sacre Coeur Basilica and don't forget to have your portrait drawn by the artists at Place du Tertre. Take a picture in front of the Moulin Rouge before taking the metro back to your hotel. Transfer to the train station with a private coach bus and take the train from Paris to Lille. Arrive in Lille and meet your host families to begin your homestay.


Day 4-Day 13: Saturday, June 5th-Monday, June 15th, 2021- Homestay

Spend these days with your host families (activities arranged by school and teacher)


Day 14: Tuesday, June 15th, 2021-Homestay-Lille- Paris

Eat breakfast with your host families then transfer to the train station and take the train from Lille back to Paris. Arrive in Paris and take a private coach bus transfer from the train station to the hotel. Metro to the Marais and visit the Jewish Quarter and see the Centre Pompidou. Metro to the Eiffel Tower and go up to the second floor to see the breathtaking view of the city. Have dinner on a boat and enjoy an evening boat tour to see the landmarks lit up in the night. Spend overnight in Paris.


Day 15: Wednesday, June 16th, 2021-Depart

Eat breakfast at the hotel, then take a private coach bus to the airport for your flight home.

Paris, Champs-Elysees at night.jpg
Montmartre at sunrise - Basilica Sacre C
Copy of centre_georges_pompidou-paris (1
View on Eiffel Tower, Paris, France.jpg

Price and Terms 

$2,695 is based on a minimum of 8 students

(based on 2020 prices and subject to change)


Included in your price:


Full-time English-speaking tour escort while in Paris



  • Round-trip airfare (based on 2020 prices and subject to change)

  • Transfer with a private coach bus to and from airport

  • Transfer with a private coach bus to and from hotel and train station

  • Public transportation in Paris

  • Train tickets to and from Paris and Lille

  • Evening cruise on the Seine


  • 2 nights hotel in Paris, including breakfasts and dinners


Guided tours and entrances as per program


Travel insurance including health, trip delay, luggage loss and delay for all participants

2020-2021 Payment Schedule


Upon Registration: $500 Due with the online application

Monthly Payments Until: March 15, 2021


Last Payment Due: April 10, 2021

A La Carte Travel Standard Cancellation Policy


120 days or more prior to departure

Full refund less all non-refundable fees, and a $500 cancellation fee


45 days to 119  days prior to departure

Full refund less all non-refundable fees, $500 cancellation fee and 50% of the program price

45 days or less prior to departure

No refund will be issued


Passport & Visa

U.S. Citizens

Passports need to be valid for 6 months after the final day of the program.  Please check the visiting countries for visa requirements.  There are no visas needed for Europe.  If a traveler is unable to obtain these travel documents, our standard cancellation policy will apply.

All children under the age of 18 unaccompanied by a parent or legal guardian traveling abroad must have a notarized letter of permission with a parent or legal guardian’s signature.

To apply or renew your passports please click here

Non U.S. Citizens

Please contact your country's embassy to  find out visa and vaccination requirements for the countries you are visiting.

You can contact us for further information


Terms & Conditions

A La Carte Travel Booking Conditions

These Booking Conditions are valid for all A La Carte Travel trips departing and are subject to change with or without notice. The most current Booking Conditions at the time of your departure will apply.


  • All Enrollment Forms must be received at A La Carte Travel 120 days prior to departure.

  • Travelers should provide complete first, middle and last names and dates of birth as they appear (or will appear) on their passports.

  • Any corrections to match passport names made after 120 days prior to departure require that we change the flight reservation, resulting in a minimum fee of $200 per airline up to the cost of a new published fare ticket. This may also result in a different flight itinerary from the group.

  • Travelers who have not yet applied for a passport should provide their full name and date of birth as they appear on their birth certificate.


  • A La Carte Travel handles final rooming assignments for all travelers. Please ensure that all rooming requests are submitted by 110 days prior to departure.

  • Students will room in double, triples, or quads with others of the same gender from the entire tour group.

  • Adults are placed in twin accommodations (a hotel room with two beds) with another adult of the same gender from the entire tour group unless the name of a roommate has been provided.

  • Adults can request double-bed accommodations (a room with one bed for two people)  or a single room for an additional fee per hotel.  


  • Single rooms are not available on overnight trains.

Lost Belongings

A La Carte Travel is not responsible for loss of passports, airline tickets or other documents, or for loss of or damage to luggage or any other passenger belongings. In the case of a lost paper airline ticket, the traveler is solely responsible for meeting the airline’s requirements (both logistical and financial) for ticket replacement.

Food Allergies

  • A La Carte Travel recognizes that some travelers may have severe food allergies. We will do our best to ensure that our suppliers are informed of the situation but we cannot guarantee that all requests will be accommodated.

  • Travelers are responsible for making their own arrangements for all in-flight meals.

Deposit and Payments

A deposit of $500 is required at the time of registration to hold the space for the passengers.  The remainder of the balance is divided into equal monthly payments with the final payment due no later than 60 days prior to departure.


Excess baggage is subject to extra fees. Passengers are advised to find out about the fees on the airline’s website.

Cancellation Terms

120 days or more prior to departure

Full refund less all non-refundable fees, and a $500 cancellation fee

45 days to 119  days prior to departure

Full refund less all non-refundable fees, $500 cancellation fee and 50% of the program price


45 days or less prior to departure

No refund will be issued


Standards of Conduct

Proper behavior is expected at all times. Remember, you are representing your country. Show respect for language and customs different than your own.


Grounds for Dismissal

  • Possession, consumption, or distribution of alcohol: Travelers under the age of 18 may not consume alcohol on tour. The consumption of hard liquor is strictly forbidden. Group Leaders and/or parents should prohibit all alcohol consumption at their discretion. Excessive drinking by any traveler will not be tolerated and will result in dismissal from tour at the traveler’s own expense

  • Possession, consumption or distribution of illegal drugs: Illegal drugs will not be tolerated and are punishable by immediate dismissal from the tour. All costs to return home are at their expense. If the local authorities are involved, travelers will be subject to the laws of the destination you are visiting.

  • Smoking: Smoking is not allowed on buses, during meals, in hotel rooms or in any other shared, enclosed space.

  • Possession of and/or Using of Weapons: Weapons, such as knives, firearms, explosives, etc, will not be tolerated and are punishable by immediate dismissal from the tour. All costs to return home are at their expense. If the local authorities are involved, travelers will be subject to the laws of the destination you are visiting.

  • Nightly Curfew: Travelers are expected to respect the nightly curfew that the group leader may set for their own safety and security. Room checks will be conducted at the group leader’s discretion. Visitors or group members of the opposite sex are not permitted in travelers' room.

  • Stealing or Defacing Any Personal Property, Building or Material: Payment for damage done to hotel rooms or to buses is your responsibility. If you notice any damage upon arrival at a hotel, you should notify the group leader or tour escort immediately. If travelers do not conform to these regulations or any specific rules set by their group leader, they risk dismissal from the tour--returning home at their expense with no refund for the missed tour portion

  • Separation from the Group: Travelers are expected to remain with their group during all activities and in the evenings. Hitchhiking and the driving or renting of any motor vehicle is strictly forbidden for all travelers. 

  • Attitude and Participation: Poor attitude or behavior and consistently acting independently of the chaperones' admonishment and warnings. All scheduled activities are obligatory. If any traveler is sick or has a physical ailment that might prevent them from participating in an activity, they must tell the group leader

  • Tattoos and/or Piercings: Travelers under the age of 18 are strictly forbidden to get a piercing and/or tattoo during the tour. Piercings and/or tattoos will be punishable by immediate dismissal from the group. Returning home will be at the expense of the traveler. 

  • Breaking Group Rules: Group leaders may create further rules and standards. Decisions regarding dismissal for those broken are up to the group leader. 

Travel Insurance


A La Carte Travel automatically insures all the passengers in the Travelex Standard Choice plan.

The Standard Travel Protection Plan (included in the package price of the trip) covers the following:


  • Emergency Medical and Dental Expenses up to $15,000

  • Emergency Evacuation & Repatriation Expenses of up to $50,000

  • Trip Delay Expenses of up to $1000

  • Lost or Delayed Baggage Expenses of up to $250

  • 24/7 travel assistance and concierge services

A  La  Carte Travel is now offering our groups a more comprehensive travel insurance as part of the travel package and as part of an effort to ease the travelers’ concerns with the events around the world.

The travel protection plan we recommend, Travelex 360° Student Group Choice, includes coverage for Trip Cancellation and Interruption, Trip Delay, Emergency Medical Expense and Evacuation, Baggage Loss or Delay and more. 

 In addition to all of the above benefits, the Choice Plan upgrade will cover the following:

  • Trip Cancellation/interruption benefits include:  Sickness, injury, or death

  •  Pre-existing exclusion waiver through final payment

  • Common carrier cancellations/delays

  • Terrorist acts** (Occurring within 30 days of the scheduled departure date for the covered trip in your departure city or in a city which is a scheduled destination)

  • Trip delay benefits – 5 hours or more

  • Baggage Delay benefits – 12 hours or more

  • Cancel for any reason coverage upgrade


The  Cancel for Any Reason benefit, which allows you to cancel your trip for any reason, within 2 days of your Scheduled Departure Date, and receive up to 75% of the Insured Trip Cost. To be eligible for this benefit, the plan must be purchased within 21 days of your initial trip deposit and full trip cost must be insured. Contact us to find out the costs associated for these upgrades.


For more information please contact one of our travel consultants at:  703-281-1225 or Email Us