The country of amazing diversity. The charm of Provence and the dynamics of Paris, the center of fashion and cuisine. Experience everything that France has to offer through a tour of France. Whether The objective of your program is for participants to learn about the culture and daily life of this rich country or to enjoy the art, sights, and cuisine, we have the program for you. Check out some of the examples of these fabulous trips other schools have done and enjoyed!

The Elegance of Paris and the Joie de Vivre of Cote d'Azur welcome you with open arms....

8-10 Days

Oh La La ....

Paris, the City of Lights.  Always inviting.  No matter how many times you visit Paris, it will  offer you something new and exciting each and every time!

10-12 Days

So much history lies in the Northern Region of France

8 Days

Impress your students by taking them to the Loire Valley, the stomping grounds of Kings and nobles during medieval times.

10-12 Days

Perigord Region of France is the site of the Hundred Years' War and one of the most beautiful and well-preserved regions of France

12 Days

Paris- Loire Valley - the Atlantic Coast Town of La Rochelle, and the Historical Amusement Park of Le Puy du Fou will not disappoint the visitors!

10-12 Days

Charming Provence, by far the dreamiest region of France, is much more than Lavender and sunflower fields....

9-10 Days

If  you like history and culture, take time to discover the Alsace Region of France

10-12 Days

The French Alps, populated with medieval villages, green meadows, and majestic snow-capped mountains, invite the visitors with open arms

10 Days

The Free Spirited Basque Region spreads over Southern France and Northern Spain

16 Days

A Total Immersion Program is for High School students who want to improve their foreign language skills

Show your students the best of the most intriguing cities in Europe

16 Days

What could be better than visiting Paris & Cote d'Azur, with a Total Immersion Program in Lyon?

9 Days

Visit some of France & Spain's most fabulous sites in this 9 day Tour

9 Days

Wonderful sites, wonderful food, and wonderful art

9 Days

Visit the two of the most dynamic capitals in Europe

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