Who is A La Carte Travel?

A La Carte Travel has been specializing in group travel to Europe, Canada, and Costa Rica, and China for over 20 years. We are committed to providing educational institutions with affordable access to a priceless opportunity, the chance to experience other cultures and languages. Join the hundred of groups who have benefited from our language programs and cultural exchanges.

What makes A La Carte Travel the logical choice for your next trip?

A) Low Monthly Payment Plans
A La Carte Travel arranges for low monthly payment on all its trips to make it easier and more affordable for all the participants.

B) Exclusive Tours
A La Carte Travel specializes in customized small group tours that provide the best possible experience and avoid the need to share large buses and hotel rooms with strangers.

C) Medical and Liability Insurance
All participants in the group are automatically covered under our comprehensive medical and liability insurance that include baggage loss and trip delays.

What kinds of hotels are typically used?

A La Carte Travel uses tourist-class hotels with private bathrooms/showers and breakfast in the center of the cities.

What airlines are used on the program?

A La Carte Travel uses regularly scheduled carriers.

What meals are included on the program?

All breakfasts and dinners are included.  We sometimes deliberately do not include reserved meals in order to provide students the opportunity to order their own meals, to eat when they want and to eat where they want. During the family stay, all at-home meals are provided. 

Custom programs may include special arrangements for meals, but breakfasts tend to be always included.

How much spending money should a student take?

A La Carte Travel recommends a minimum of $30-$40 per day outside the family stay.  This is "survival" money to cover lunches and maybe an occasional snack.   Additional money would be needed for souvenirs and gifts.

What are the rules of conduct for students?

A La Carte Travel provides a short document describing the rules of conduct.  But in general we don’t allow the students to drink, use drugs, and participate in any sexual conduct. 

 Are the students going to be alone at any time?

A La Carte Travel does not allow any student to be alone on his or her own.  Students may go to nearby places with a group of fellow students, for shopping nearby or eating in a nearby student.    In home stay programs the students may be alone on occasion or go out to a store nearby by themselves.

 What happens if the trips are delayed because of weather or any other reasons?

The insurance company will pay out all the costs due to the delay.  Although A La Carte Travel follows-up with the insurance company and help to file the claims, it is up to the insurance company to make the final reimbursement decision.

 Does A La Carte Travel have other insurance?

Yes we have all the insurance policies that are required by tour operators (i.e. professional insurance, liability insurance) we can provide you with the details if you are interested.

 Are the students allowed to call home?

A La Carte Travel recommend that students do not call their parents very often when they are in home stay because it breaks the flow of the experience.  But others can call any time. 

Do you accommodate special diets?

It depends on the diet and the teachers’ preference.  A La Carte Travel can usually make some special arrangements.

 How many people in a room?

Group organizer stays in a single occupancy.  The rest of the adults and all the students are in double, triple and quadruple occupancy, which is determined by the availability of the rooms at the local hotel.

Do the students go out at night to clubs?

A La Carte Travel does not promote that but if the group organizer decides to do it, they can.

 How about the transfers from one place to another?

It depends on the distance.  Every destination that is not walking distance will be provided for by A La Carte Travel

What about Lunch?

Students will have to pay for their own lunch.  All the meals for the chaperones are paid for by the A La Carte Travel


Are airport taxes and registration fees included in the price of the trip?

Yes for taxes.   A La Carte Travel does not charge any registration fees  

How many pieces of luggage are allowed on the trip?

Packing light is recommended, one suitcase per person plus a carry-on.   This is especially important because we use buses and trains during the trip.

 How about the handicapped students?

It depends on the group organizers. 

A La Carte Travel’s Standard Payment and Cancellation Policy


  1. $500 is due with the application payable to A La Carte Travel. Inc.

  2. Equal monthly payments will be set up for the remainder of the price with the final payment due 45 days prior to departure.

  3. You will receive monthly statements from A La Carte travel.

  4. All cancellation notices must be received in writing at the A La Carte Travel office.

  5. The following cancellation schedule applies:

    1. 120 days or more prior to departure : Full refund less all non-refundable fees, and a $300 cancellation fee

    2. 45 days to 119  days prior to departure: Full refund less all non-refundable fees, $500 cancellation fee and 50% of the program price

    3. 45 days or less prior to departure: No refund will be issued



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