Exchange Program and Home Stay Terms and Policies 

A La Carte Travel is committed to working with teachers in the United States and abroad to create memorable and enjoyable homestay and exchange programs. In order for our company to do this, we must make sure that all parties involved- the teachers who are hosting, the teachers who are visiting, and the tour operators- understand their respective responsibilities so that no problems or misunderstandings arise during their group’s travel experience.

Host Teacher Responsibilities 


I understand that I am responsible for:


  • Finding families for students. I will be in touch with the teachers who are visiting my school and communicate with them in the case of questions and/or concerns.


  • Finding families for the teachers who are escorting their groups. I will find accommodations and transportation methods for the teachers.


  • Organizing the final pairing of students into host families. I will share the final pairing list with my colleagues and A La Carte Travel.


  • Updating the “Remind” application to communicate with families during their stay regarding any information, late arrival from excursions, or any problems.


  • Working with the teachers who are escorting their groups should any emergencies arise.

Visiting Teacher Responsibilities 


I understand that I will:


  • Handle all emergencies for my own students. Host families and host teachers will assist, as well as A La Carte Travel in certain and specific cases.


  • Organize my own transportation for any personal activities, if not provided by my host families.


  • Share expenses for meals with my host family


  • Have an international data plan on my phone to be able to communicate through applications like WhatsApp


  • Alert my colleagues when an excursion/coach runs late so that teachers (USA) can alert the host families for pick up and arrival times

  • Communicate to my students that host teachers will do their best to accommodate requests for pairing (either alone in a family or double in a family), however students may not always get their first request. Depending on the number of families who are hosting, students may be paired with another student or they may not be in doubles. Students and parents can give their preferences with whom they would like to be paired in the case that doubles are required. I understand that preferences will be taken into consideration but may not ultimately take place.

A La Carte Travel Responsibilities


A La Carte Travel will:


  • Facilitate the coordination between the two schools by putting the two schools together.


  • Create a webpage for the program and help with marketing support for the teachers (USA) with flyers and posters


  • Manage the registrations for host families


  • Create the document: Master Family Contact


  • Create the document: Master Pairing List


  • Create a “Remind” group and make sure everyone is on it


  • Manage all reservations for excursions, including transportation


  • Manage all expenses


  • Advise teachers (USA) in the process of pairing the students